Stand Out • Receive Support • Experience Growth

We believe that agents and their clients deserve something special.

Sol Property Advisors brings together the highest caliber professionals in the industry in a supportive, innovative and technology-driven environment. Together we’re combining the nimble mindset of a boutique brokerage and the sophistication of decades of experience at nationally recognized organizations.

Let’s push the envelope together.


Caring for clients and increasing sales.

We provide our agents full access to proven systems and structures so they can focus on what matters most for their success:

A Family Built On Talent

We believe in surrounding ourselves with people who push us, who challenge us, who make us belly laugh, who make us better – who make us happy.

Sol Property Advisors is a home where the industry’s best and brightest come to expand their real estate careers and enrich their lives – together.

Real estate sales is not just about commission plans. Agents should compare apples to apples when it comes to benefits the Brokerages provide.  It is not always about size either. Smaller boutique brokerages are often more connected to the communities they serve.  Here are some of the benefits of joining us:






Let us handle the marketing and back office work while you generate business.

Our collaborative culture and forward-thinking solutions for our agents and clientele distinguishes Sol Property Advisors as market leaders.

We’re Ready When You Are

We’re always on the lookout for talented teammates to build our futures with.

Grow With Us

We empower our agents to do great things. Our culture is defined by honesty, fairness, camaraderie and mentorship. We respect the importance of a work-life balance and we are committed to empowering those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a work ethic.