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Expertise in Probate and Trust Real Estate Sales

Welcome to Sol Property Advisors, your trusted partner in navigating probate and trust real estate transactions. Backed by Side Inc., a national brokerage, we specialize in probate and trust sales across Santa Cruz County, Monterey County, and Silicon Valley. Our tailored services cater to Probate Administrators, Executors, Trustees, Attorneys, and Beneficiaries, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

Ways We Can Help

Sell your home faster

We assist Trustees in selling properties within trusts, providing comprehensive support for every step of the process. Whether it's selling one property or managing multiple transactions, our team is well-versed in the necessary agreements, timelines, and disclosures. With a vast national network, we can facilitate property sales wherever they occur.

Navigating probate estates and conservatorships demands expertise, which we offer with precision. From properties with full authority for sale to those requiring court confirmation, we handle it all. Our proficiency spans agreements, timelines, probate referee valuations, and listing requirements, ensuring a smooth experience for our clients.

Understanding the unique challenges of probate and trust sales, our fiduciary services extend beyond traditional real estate transactions. We assess each property meticulously, offering tailored options and recommendations to maximize returns. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Date of Death Vauations and property appraisals
  • Expert price opinions and property research
  • Analysis of sale options, including estate liquidation and property preparations
  • Coordination of property preparations, from repairs to staging

Maximizing Returns:

Once the property is market-ready, we employ proven strategies to secure maximum returns. Utilizing our expertise and resources, including staff photographers, videographers, and in-house staging, we ensure optimal presentation to potential buyers. Effective communication with all stakeholders further enhances the selling process, prioritizing the interests of beneficiaries.

Seamless Transactions:

Recognizing the significance of real estate assets in trusts and probate, we prioritize ease and efficiency. Our goal is to make the sale of real property effortless for our clients while maximizing value. With Sol Property Advisors, you can trust in a seamless transaction and exceptional results.

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We'll be your guide in navigating complex real estate transactions with confidence and expertise.