12 Septic System tips you need to know.

Lance Hulsey  |  January 9, 2023

12 Septic System tips you need to know.

Here are 12 tips you need to know about your septic system to keep it working smoothly.

Septic System Mainentnance

  • A septic tank needs to be pumped out every four to five years with normal use.
  • Have your septic tank inspected once or twice a year to make sure there is no buildup that can cause damage to your system.

Drainage Field (Leech Field) Maintenance

  • Make sure all water is diverted away from the drainage field.
  • Never park a vehicle on your drainage field. It could lead to ruptured pipes.
  • Ideally, only plant grass on your drainage field. If you want to add plants, make sure to pick ones with shallow root systems.


  • Never pour grease down the drain. Grease doesn't allow the soil around your drain field to absorb liquids, which could cause a backup.
  • Do not pour motor oil, antifreeze, paint, pesticides, or potent cleaners down your drain as they will kill bacteria that break down the solids in your septic tank.


  • Never flush plastic bags, disposable diapers, tampons, or other non-biodegradable items down the toilet. Septic tanks cannot break down these materials.
  • Don't flush disinfectants or old medicines down the toilet. It can affect the bacterial action of your septic tank, making it work ineffectively.

Warning Signs

  • If you see effluent pooling near your seepage trench, it's more than likely a warning sign that your septic system is not functioning properly and may be clogged.
  • An unusual odor around your septic tank can be a sign that your system needs repair.
  • Look at the grass around your septic tank. If you notice darker grass growing in that area, you should get your septic system checked out.



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