Welcoming Hannah to Our Real Estate Family

Liz Kroft  |  September 19, 2023

Welcoming Hannah to Our Real Estate Family

From the vibrant state of Texas to the enchanting Santa Cruz Mountains, we're thrilled to introduce Hannah Osborne, the latest addition to our dedicated real estate team.

Hannah's journey to Santa Cruz began with love, as she followed her heart to join her partner in this unique and beautiful region. Falling in love not only with the place but with the lifestyle, she embarked on her homeownership journey among the magnificent Redwoods, deepening her connection to this extraordinary area.

From a young age, Hannah has been mastering the art of genuine connection and multitasking. Her experience in the bustling service industry has honed her skills in fostering relationships, a skill she now brings to her real estate transactions. Her unique experience of buying a home filled her with empathy and patience, infusing her approach with a personal touch that sets her apart.

Hannah's life is a rich tapestry of unique experiences. From her adventurous stint with a sprint car team at 19 to managing a vibrant bar and restaurant at 21, she has developed into a resilient and dynamic individual. Her ability to balance meticulous attention to detail with a genuine passion for helping clients carve out their own slice of paradise is what truly defines her as a professional.

What makes Hannah extraordinary is her innate knack for tuning into her client's desires, even those left unsaid. She weaves these aspirations into her approach to home buying and selling, creating a connection that goes far beyond a typical real estate transaction.

Beyond her blossoming career, Hannah is a fervent supporter of animal welfare. Her annual contributions to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya and generous support for local animal shelters reflect her deep commitment to our furry friends. Her dream? To one day open a sanctuary for rescued dogs, a testament to her compassion and love for animals.

In her leisure time, you'll find Hannah immersing herself in her lush garden, spending quality moments with her cats Stella and Nixon, embarking on peaceful hikes, diving into the world of mystery/thriller novels, or simply enjoying the magic of music.

Hannah's approach to real estate is about finding more than just a house for her clients. It's about discovering a home filled with joy, peace, and cherished memories, mirroring the beautiful sanctuary she's found in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Please join us in welcoming Hannah to our team, where every transaction becomes an unforgettable journey home. 

(831) 231-3344 (mobile)  |  [email protected]

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