Hannah Osborne

Hannah Osborne


Get to Know Me

Originating from the vibrant state of Texas, Hannah came to the Santa Cruz Mountains to be with her partner, fell in love with the unique lifestyle, and bought her first home among the Redwoods. Since the age of 15, she's honed her ability to genuinely connect with others, fostering relationships and mastering the art of multitasking in the bustling service industry. Because of her experience purchasing a home, she delved into real estate, eager to infuse her transactions with empathy, patience, and a personal touch that sets her apart.

Her journey is a rich tapestry of unique experiences that have molded her into a resilient and dynamic individual. She's prepared for anything from her adventurous stint with a sprint car team at 19 to managing a vibrant bar and restaurant at 21. These experiences have nurtured her into a professional who effortlessly balances meticulous attention to detail with a genuine passion for helping clients carve out their slice of paradise. She has an innate knack for tuning into her client's desires, even those left unsaid, weaving them into her approach to home buying and selling that resonates deeper.

Outside her burgeoning career, she is a fervent supporter of animal welfare, contributing annually to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya and offering generous support to local animal shelters. She harbors dreams of one day opening a sanctuary for rescued dogs. In her leisure time, she enjoys immersing herself in her lush garden, spending time with her cats Stella & Nixon, embarking on peaceful hikes, diving into the world of mystery/thriller novels, or enjoying music. Hannah also rescued a German Shepherd puppy, Asher & loves embarking on hikes with him on all the local trails. Her approach to real estate seeks to find more than just a house for her clients; she aims to find them a home filled with joy, peace, and cherished memories, a reflection of the beautiful sanctuary she's found in the Santa Cruz Mountains.