Lucio Ourique


Get to Know Me

In Real Estate since graduating high school, Lucio knows his way around a transaction from all angles. He was a realtor for 2 years, switched to TC, and then was a foreclosure Consultant/ Auctioneer for Trustee Sales for 14 years. He returned to TC for a few years and was hired as our detail-oriented and thorough Transaction Manager. Inspired by his parents, whom he watched get elated when they purchased a home, Lucio has always been driven to help make buying and selling exciting and easy for clients. He prides himself on his ability to learn and educate himself from every transaction, which shows in his diligent and considerate work here at ROOM. 


Lucio is licensed, is certified as a TC by CAR, and is a Certified Documents Trainer by CAR that has managed and trained over 100 TCs throughout the State of California. Thanks to this experience, he is an incredible asset to agents and clients as he maneuvers through any transaction easily. He is also our resident sports expert as a part-time sports reporter who travels around the country to photograph teams and games! Whatever the transaction- Lucio will make it happen.